Multilevel 1.9 PDA

2. Licence and Installation

2.1 The Software Package

Multilevel 1.9 PDA is copyrighted. This means, that the software can be freely distributed to third parties but the alteration or uncomplete distribution of Multilevel 1.9 PDA is prohibited. All rights of authorship stay with the original author. The server and distribution costs of this non-profit project are now covered by web-advertizing instead of the earlier individual fee.

Up-to-date information on the software can be obtained at

The  software package Multilevel 1.9 PDA contains the following files on the server, that can be downloaded individually:

2.2 Installation
The software can be directly downloaded from the server at Multilevel 1.9 PDA can be lauched by loading the file in a Java-capable WWW-Browser or a Java appletviewer. 

Multilevel 1.9 PDA  is an Applet-/Application hybrid. It will run on either a pure Java Runtime Environment  (e.g. Java Development Kit) or on a WWW-browser. Hence the spectrum of this software is markedly enlarged, since a wide variety of Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) for numerous operating systems is available. However, on most generally used operating systems one will  use a WWW-browser, which will simply do the job without any problem. You might have to download a Java plugin (as in the case of the Firefox Browser).
In case you have good reason for using Multilevel as pure application on a Java Runtime Environment be referred to . There you can download a lot of  JVMs and get more info on Java and related issues.

Running Multilevel on Windows PCs:
The best way to do this is to load the file start.htm into your WWW-browser and to make sure that Java is enabled. The applet will be launched automatically.
If you want to run the application by using a Java Virtual Machine then proceed as in the following example:
you have downloaded  and installed the Sun Java development kit from under Windows. The next step is to create a path in your autoexec.bat, which points to the \bin - directory of the JDK:
PATH c:\ jdk\bin (where \jdk\ must be replaced by the name of your own JDK-directory).
Now the computer must be rebooted and everything should work smoothly.
To start Multilevel you have to open your MS-DOS window and type:
C:\> java multilevel_19_pda <RETURN>

Running Multilevel on a Sharp SL-5500:
It is rather simple:
1) Install the file manager and the terminal from the Sharp installation CD (can also be downloaded from
2) Copy the files to /home/root using the file manager.
3) Start the terminal and make sure that the working directory is /home/root  (press pwd <RETURN> ).
4) Enter evm -appletviewer start.htm
5) To get access to all buttons and fields of the software shift the applet by moving the upper panel with the pen.

Running Multilevel on mobile PDAs
Go to and find out more about how to install a Java runtime environment and run Multilevel on your mobile device. This is still somewhat experimental since I could not test every possible unit. I heavily rely on your feedback!

2.3 Liability
The software, specified under 2.1 has been developed and tested with the greatest care. However, even a carefully programmed decompression software cannot totally exclude the possibility of a DCI. The calculation of decompression schedules is based on preliminary assumptions, which do by the very nature of a linear decompression model (ZH-L17BTS) not reflect the true conditions in individual divers. Therefore the author of Multilevel accepts no liability for any damage, that might result from using this software.

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