Multilevel 1.9 PDA

7. The Author of Multilevel

Dr. Jürgen Bohnert is an active caver since 1983. He is a member of Höhlenforschungsgruppe Ostalb/Kirchheim, a very active caving club in South-West Germany, which was founded in 1973. Since 1987 he is involved in the exploration of submerged caves all over Europe. The main emphasis of his work is on underwater cave surveying and research on microbial populations in karstic aquifers. Currently he works as an M.D. and microbial researcher. He has been occupied with diving medicine for several years. He was able to put this profound knowdledge to good practice by using his programming experience, which provided the basis for the successful development of Multilevel.

(c) 2001 Jochen Malmann

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